General Dentistry
Our general dentists at Dalia Clinic have been serving families in Jeddah for many years. We believe in providing top-quality, ethical care to patients of all ages. We do everything from routine dental check-ups to complex restorative treatments. Your dentist is your first line of defense against oral diseases
Cosmetic Dentistry
Patients who complain about fractured, heavily stained or worn out teeth. Good news is, there are many different options to correct these problems. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, and whether you need a few minor enhancements or a full transformation, our cosmetic dentists can help.
Dental Implant
Missing teeth can affect the way you look, chew and speak. Leaving an empty space in your mouth after losing a tooth can cause your other teeth to shift and trigger other problems like jawbone deterioration. At Dalia Clinic, our Implantologists offer dental implants with the highest success rate perfect quality
Pediatric Dentistry
we know how important it is to find a pediatric dentist that provides a positive and gentle experience for your child. If it is your first time to bring your child to the dentist, or are looking for specialized care, you never have to worry because our specialist pediatric dentist is trained to treat and look after the oral health of infants, toddlers, children as well as those with special needs
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Braces and Aligners
Crooked, misaligned teeth often make people feel self-conscious about their smile and overall appearance. our orthodontist have many options to help our patients achieve straight teeth and a healthy bite. newer techniques allow our specialist orthodontist to provide treatments that are quicker, more comfortable and more successful than ever.
Gum Treatments
Many people suffer from gum disease. Prolonged tartar buildup can eventually cause inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). Gingivitis causes swollen gums that bleed easily whilst brushing teeth. Simple treatment, together with changes in oral hygiene habits, will cure and reverse this disease. In susceptible patients, gingivitis may eventually progress to a more serious condition called periodontitis.
Hollywood Smile
Hollywood Smile, is a series of dental procedures designed to improve the aesthetics of your smile. It’s the best option for people whose cosmetic issues cannot be addressed with a single dental treatment.
Root Canal Treatment
endodontic treatment, is a safe and straightforward procedure that treats the inside of the infected tooth, relieves pain and saves your natural tooth.
Teeth Whitening
With our professional teeth whitening treatments here at Dalia Clinic, we can rejuvenate your smile and give you an instant boost of confidence
Veneers are a popular choice for those who want to improve the aesthetics of their smile. A dental veneer is a strong, ultra-thin shell of porcelain bonded on top of the tooth to correct imperfections. Our specialists and cosmetic dentists can also use veneers to align slightly crowded teeth or close gaps between teeth
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth. They are the third set of molars that typically emerge between the ages 17 and 25.