A broken or chipped tooth is a common type of dental injury. Dr. Omar Aldaoudi, Specialist Prosthodontist in Dubai, gives us advice on how to deal with it and how to prevent further damage.

I broke a tooth, what should I do?

If you can find the fractured tooth fragment, store it in milk or saliva. Book an appointment with your dentist immediately. According to the extent and type of fracture, the dentist can determine whether the fractured tooth should be monitored, treated or removed.

Can I get my tooth fixed on the same day? What kind of treatments can be done to fix a broken tooth?

Minor fractures that involve only the enamel (hard outer covering of a tooth) can be fixed on the same day by bonding the existing fragment or composite restoration.

For larger fractures involving enamel and dentin (hard tissue beneath the enamel), they can be fixed the same way as enamel fractures but crowns are sometimes required needed as a definitive restoration.

Invisalign are not fixed to your teeth and this is another bonus as you have no diet restrictions and it is also easy to keep your teeth clean.

What is Invisalign and how does it work?

Invisalign is a type of aligner system which helps to correct your smile without being visible. When you look at these aligners you might wonder how something that looks so similar to your bleaching tray could actually move your teeth but these trays are made up of a special type of thermoplastic resin that exerts transient force on your teeth to align them. It’s a pretty simple procedure wherein your orthodontist will take some special impressions, X rays and photographs and send them across to the Invisalign technicians along with the proposed treatment plan.

Here these impressions are scanned and a 3 dimensional model of your teeth and occlusion are created. Then based on the treatment plan sent across by your dentist, the technician digitally moves around these teeth to bring them to their desired position. This gradual movement from start to finish is made into an animated film called a CLIN CHECK video. This is where you as a patient get involved in your treatment plan as your dentist will call you in to show you this video, and you can either choose to accept the plan or make changes to it.